The Garden

One of things about having chickens and ducks is the option of having a garden.  You don’t need a lot of room, but the bounty is beautiful.

  • Chunnels!
    New this year, chicken tunnels so the chickens are in a cage, not the garden.
  • Garden
    Planted in chicken pen.
  • Covered garden
    Covered garden
    Trying to keep chickens out.
  • Chicken Poop
    Chicken Poop
    Makes good gardens
  • Chicken pen with garden
    Chicken pen with garden
  • Yellow
    Fresh garden tomatoes
  • Mixed
    Some get dehydrated
  • Tomato Powder
    Tomato Powder
    Some get made into tomato powder
  • Tomatoe puree
    Tomatoe puree
    Some get made into sauce
  • Fresh Garden Tomatoes
    Fresh Garden Tomatoes
  • Gravy
    or sauce